At LogMeIn, we’re on a mission to unlock the world’s potential. And we can’t do it alone. We partner with best-in-class people to bring our technology, solutions and knowledge to our customers around the globe.

As we collaborate with like-minded agencies, technology partners, individuals and organizations, we frequently produce joint or co-branded communications and campaigns.

Co-branding with LogMeIn

We really care about our brand, so we ask our LogMeIn community – from our employees to customers and technology and business partners alike – to take the extra steps to ensure that the brand is well cared for. After all, brand building is a shared endeavor, and it’s in our best interest to protect the LogMeIn brand from misuse, dilution, misappropriation or confusion out there in the world.

We engage in a host of co-branding initiatives around the world from press releases and research to events, endorsements, case studies and marketing campaigns, to name a few. We’re proud of the company we keep, and our brand represents the seal of approval that we’re working with good, smart people.

We built LogMeIn Brand Guidelines with empowerment and care in mind. We’ve tapped our LogMeIn Corporate Communications, Global Brand & Creative and Legal teams to set criteria for joint and co-branded communications and campaigns. They’re the gatekeepers for LogMeIn – our stewards of good judgment as we consider the brand’s use.

If you’re a member of our valued customer community and require one of our product logos, please access this site to download the appropriate file.

Have a request? It’s best to read this first.

You’re likely here because you’d like to leverage or partner with LogMeIn. We’ve seen all types of requests, but here are a few that commonly appear in our inboxes:

  • Co-branded logo lockups
  • Sponsorship
  • Case studies & testimonials
  • Press releases
  • Research
  • Vendor web placement

Please keep in mind that our team considers the following questions (and precedent) when providing guidance or when making final decisions on co-branding.

  • What is the intended use case?
  • What is the mission of the company and/or objective of the communication or event?
  • Does your company and/or event have a political affiliation?
  • Is this a public endorsement for something that might be considered a competitive advantage or otherwise sensitive information?
  • Has there been any past or present negative media coverage for the company and/or event?
  • Is there a dual benefit?
  • Is the company providing a service or product for LogMeIn? What is the tenure of that relationship, and was co-branding a part of our contract?
  • Are there any business metrics that can be used explicitly or implicitly to evaluate company performance? (E.g. revenue, conversion rates, retention rates, average order size)
  • In what channels and markets will this communication appear? For how long?

With these questions in mind, please submit your request using the form below:

If your request has received approval via an email from LogMeIn, please consult the following abridged LogMeIn Brand Guidelines to confirm proper use of the brand marks and name. We are available with additional information (cobranding@logmein.com), including more detailed brand guidelines, as needed.



These Brand Guidelines will help us properly collaborate with you to use our brand, logos, content, trademarks, and service marks, all of which are considered LogMeIn intellectual property. These Guidelines will help us ensure that these marks are not used by third parties in a way that might inadvertently confuse consumers into believing there is a liaison with or endorsement by us, if in fact there is none.

These Guidelines apply to LogMeIn employees, customers, licensees, consultants, outside vendors and other third parties. If you have signed an agreement with us that contains any different or additional usage guidelines, follow those guidelines. If not, please consult these Guidelines and reach out with any questions – we are here for consultation and collaboration!

Please follow these Guidelines for using our marks and brands in any products, services, communications, documents or websites to create awesome and inspired co-branded campaigns.

Use of marks and logos

Please refer to our products and services by their associated trademarks and service marks, so long as such references: (a) are truthful, fair, and not misleading; (b) do not suggest sponsorship or endorsement by LogMeIn; and (c) comply with these Guidelines, which we may modify from time to time and post on this webpage and in our master LogMeIn Brand Guidelines Book.

In particular:

  • Please use the appropriate trademark symbol and trademark acknowledgement of our ownership of the marks and/or logos in question
  • Do not alter our trademarks in any manner, including, but not limited to, changing proportion, color or shape of our trademarks or adding or removing any elements from the trademarks. 
  • Do not incorporate our trademarks or logos into your products or product names, services or service names, trademarks, service marks, logos or company names, and do not adopt marks or logos that are confusingly similar to ours.
  • Do not use our trademarks in any manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement by us without an express written permission and license from LogMeIn.
  • Do not register a domain containing any of our marks or logos, or any similar variations of them, if it could make people think that we provide or support anything covered from that domain.
  • Do not make unlicensed use of our licensed logos. Third-party use of our marks or logos requires a license or written permission from us. If you are interested in obtaining a license to use any of our marks or logos, please contact one of our marketing or sales representatives.

Logo use

At LogMeIn, we like to present our relationship with partners through logo lockups – a key element of our identity system. As a valued partner, your brand will share equal prominence with our logo and appear in a primary position or on the front cover of any co-produced collateral.

Please adhere to clear space and minimum-size standards while giving ample real estate to partner logos. Follow the guidelines on this page to ensure that partners and LogMeIn or LogMeIn products are adequately represented when used together.


LogMeIn Logo Black

When using the black logo, white or light grey is the preferred background color.


LogMeIn Logo Reversed

Use the reversed version when placing the logo over black or dark backgrounds.


Color background

LogMeIn Logo Color background

The logo may be used over any color within the LogMeIn or product color palette. Choose the appropriate version of the logo to ensure adequate contrast. The background should never impair the logo’s legibility or impact.

Image background

LogMeIn Logo Image background

The logo may be used over calm areas of photography, provided there is adequate contrast. Be judicious about where and when this is used, and email cobranding@logmein.com for guidance when necessary.


Sometimes, we object.

LogMeIn reserves the right to object to unauthorized, unfair, improper, and/or infringing use of our trademarks, logos, product names, service names, and/or products whether or not it has been expressly stated in this document. Consult and collaborate with the Corporate Communications and Global Brand & Creative team for approval and guidance on logo and branding issues.