SAAS Partner Program


Growing your business and bringing value to your Clients is simple and easy with this Referral-Based Program. Earn lucrative commissions by introducing your Clients to LogMeIn! This category is popular with IT services consultants and Value Added Resellers.


B2B Referrals

Interested in promoting our solutions to your customers? LogMeIn has a Referral Partner Program for you.

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Have a website or social media presence? LogMeIn Affiliate Programs are for you.

Grasshopper Affiliates

Loved By Entrepreneurs, Grasshopper has served nearly 300,000 entrepreneurs in the U.S. Our virtual phone system is a product that sells itself. Earn $100 per order.

LastPass Affiliates

Registering as an affiliate is free. Not only can you join the LastPass Community and help spread the word, you can earn a 25% or more commission on each sale.